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About .Nxt

.Nxt is an information service covering the Internet policy and governance worlds.

We follow and report on events and processes at relevant organizations, including ICANN, the IGF, ITU and others, including attending meetings and conferences, tracking issues, providing easy to use and easy to understand guides, and various other related services.

.Nxt uses a membership, subscription model. For an annual fee, you gain full access to all .Nxt content as well as our archive (there are discounts and additional services for multiple corporate subscriptions). We also offer a monthly recurring membership fee.


We believe that the multi-stakeholder model - where everyone impacted by policies is entitled to have an equal say in their development - is the best solution for deciding Internet policy and governance issues and are dedicated to strengthening and improving that model of decision-making.

One of the most significant issues with the multi-stakeholder model however is the huge amount of information generated and the speed with which that information develops. We are dedicated to making sense of that information so that people can engage effectively and efficiently in decision-making processes.

We also believe that all organizations that cover Internet policy or governance should be open and transparent in their processes and accountable for their actions. We will press for nothing less than full openness on all matters related to Internet policy and governance.

Information not advocacy

.Nxt is dedicated to providing clear, objective and insightful material in Internet policy and governance issues. Beyond supporting the multi-stakeholder model and ensuring full transparency and accountability of Internet organizations, we do not advocate for any particular position or organization.

Membership of .Nxt is open to all and the aim is to equip all members with sufficient information to engage in Internet processes themselves. Greater and broader engagement serves only to strengthen the multi-stakeholder model.

For our larger members we will also highlight specific subjects and issues that they are likely to be interested in. We can also provide consultancy on specific topics or issues.