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.Club Domains LLC

The follow welcome letter appears on the dot-club website:

Open letter from our CEO to the internet community:

We are on the verge of an exciting new time for the internet as ICANN has made the bold decision to continue to deregulate the gTLD (generic top level domain) space and authorize new top level domains. While there will be challenges that companies and organizations will face due to the changes, overall it will be of great benefit for our society as many organizations will now be able to obtain more relevant domain names and services that best serve their unique online needs.

.CLUB Domains LLC strongly believes one group being underserved by the current top level domains are clubs and associations. Clubs have unique needs that are not served well by .com or even .org. This is primarily due to relevant domains being taken by corporate interests or domain speculators leaving poor options for clubs to use as their domain today. Clubs need a great domain that represents and reflects who and what they stand for. The internet is a tremendous medium for clubs to bring their membership together by sharing information, communicating and learning from each other.

It is the intent of .CLUB Domains LLC to apply for and launch a .club top level domain. Our organization operates in four countries with an experienced team assembled to build a first class registry today.
In addition, we have raised several million dollars to ensure a successful bid, launch and ongoing
operational success.

Personally, I have dedicated my life to building several successful internet companies including: Tucows, Internet Direct Canada and Hostopia. In addition, I have always given back to the internet community as is evidenced by my service as founding director for the .ca domain registry, and helping to launch and fund projects such as the not-for-profit Toronto Internet Exchange as part of Internet Direct. The Internet remains my passion. And if we are awarded the privilege of launching a new top level domain for clubs, I will continue to support the internet community by creating, building and promoting this top level domain to improve service relevance, online community building and vibrancy for our registrants.

Your's Truly,
Colin Campbell
Chairman, and CEO, .CLUB Domains LLC