.Nxt conference cancellation

It is with the greatest regret that we are announcing the cancellation of the .Nxt London conference, scheduled for 29-31 August.

Ongoing uncertainty over the new gTLD process run by ICANN - the focus of the conference - has led to fewer sponsors and confirmed attendees than at our previous two conferences and so made the event as originally planned untenable.

We would like to sincerely apologize to all attendees and sponsors. We are attempting to personally contact all those that planned to attend and will do what we can to limit the impact of the cancellation.

In order to capture months of work and provide value to the Internet community, our intent is to run some of the conference's planned sessions online, rather than in-person, over the next few months. More details will be provided as we have them.

Extensive analysis of the process, as well as ongoing Internet policy and governance issues, will also be provided on the .Nxt website.

For more information on this news, please go here. If you have any concerns or questions please contact us at conference@dot-nxt.com.

Yours sincerely

Kieren McCarthy
CEO, .Nxt

New gTLDs and the future of the Internet

Join us in the heart of London on 29-31 August for the third .Nxt conference focussing on new gTLDs

There have been 1,930 applications (view them all) for 1,409 new generic top-level domains: more than four times the number of Internet extensions that currently exist, with most expected to go online in the next year.

gTLD applications broken down by country. See our full infographic.

Join us at .Nxt as industry experts, analysts, politicians and those applying for a new piece of the Internet gather to discuss the impact of this move on the domain name system and the Internet itself.

Over three days, we have 25 sessions (see the full agenda), broken out into four themes:

  • Business: The business realities of the domain name industry and how new gTLDs will both need to follow while also radically transforming the online infrastucture. We have eight Business sessions.
  • Analysis: We will dig deeper into the applications and what they tell us about the new domain industry as well as identify trends, new business models, and apply lessons from the previous expansions. We have eight Analysis sessions.
  • Process: The application process is complex and multi-phased with potential hurdles at each stage. We will provide a complete overview of what comes next and walk through the process to approval. There are four Process sessions.
  • Policy: The domain name system is an integral part of the overall Internet and so subject to intense discussions. The conference will provide overviews of all the most important discussions going on in the Internet policy and governance world as well as insider tips on how to influence them. There are five Policy sessions.

So whether it is the new business models offered by gTLDs, or the chance to market to a new generation of customers, whether you are looking for the lowdown on auctions, or legal or strategic advice, come to .Nxt.

Conference design

The conference comprises three main elements:

  • An educational conference, including a keynote, traditional session formats, spotlight sessions, industry panels and practical, as well as forward-looking, workshops.
  • An exhibition area featuring companies that will develop, run and promote new parts of the domain name system. (Become a sponsor.)
  • Networking events that foster dialogue between entrepreneurs, infrastructure specialists, venture capitalists, press, analysts and development executives.

The focus is on information sharing and audience interaction. So come and find out what it means to be a member of the Internet community!